Sunday, September 2, 2007

God Said Protect the Earth--Or Else!

Well, Or at least one of his reps here on earth did for Him.

Pope Benedict XVI's closing message to a weekend of kid-friendly Catholicism was an urgent plea for the young Catholics to take the lead in conservation measures "before it's too late." Benedict pointed a number of times to humanity's role as steward and the sacred call to protect His creations that becoming environmentally friendly would respond to.

A little preachy, to be sure. (Get it? He's the Pope!)

Amusingly, though, some attendees were non-plussed by Benny's message, given the mountains of plastic bottles and trash the weekend had produced--even though they were all given recyclable goodies and a hand-crank cell charger. Said one participant, "It's a good idea here, because there's so much garbage!"

No word yet on whether the young lady was excommunicated for her sassy mouth.

Bonus Pope Fun Fact: Green is the liturgical color of hope in the Catholic church. Coincidence?

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