Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Baseball Bugs

They're not harmful and they'll be gone in a week, but hey, they're an annoyance, so let's kill them anyway. I mean, you know, they might get in someone's beer or something. We can't have that.


Tommbert said...

Two things.

One: "near look-alike"? Only a moron would confuse a cockroach and these ground beetles.

Two: Why wouldn't they want to spray chemicals if they have the chance? For that matter, why would they want to disclose more information than the furtively secret release from the Director of Operations. Besides, couldn't letting the fans smash the bugs be some kind of promotion? First fifty fans get cans of Raid. Next 500 get commemorative Tony La Russa swattin' mitts; everyone else has to roll up their programs.

Poor harmless beetles. And poor fans for heading into a bioaccumulation nightmare.

trout said...

It's strange to me that if the beetles will be gone in another week or so, as their expert says, why they're doing anything at all. The Cardinals are on the road for another 2 weeks--until July 24th.